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Boardwalk Beast

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May 2017

Please note our extended operating hours in observance of Memorial Day Weekend.

  1Closed 2Closed 3Closed 4Closed 53pm-7pm 611am – 7:40pm
711am – 7:40pm 8Closed 9Closed 10Closed 11Closed 123pm-7pm 1311am – 7:40pm
1411am – 7:40pm 15Closed 16Closed 17Closed 18Closed 193pm-7pm 2011am – 7:40pm
2111am – 7:40pm 22Closed 23Closed 24Closed 25Closed 263pm-7pm 2711am – 8pm
2811am – 8pm 2911am – 8pm 30Closed 31Closed      

The Boardwalk Beast Rides will be every 40 minutes or on the hour depending on guest volume.