Boardwalk Beast

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July 2018
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Ticket pricing may vary for these special events. Please check with our Ticket Booth for details.

111am 8pm 21pm 8pm 31pm 8pm 411am 9pm** 51pm 8pm 612pm - 9pm** 711am - 8pm
811am - 8pm 91pm 8pm 101pm 8pm 111pm 8pm 121pm 8pm 1312pm - 9pm** 1411am - 8pm
1511am - 8pm 161pm 8pm 171pm 8pm 181pm 8pm 191pm 8pm 2012pm - 9pm** 2111am - 8pm
2211am 8pm 231pm 8pm 241pm 8pm 251pm 8pm 261pm 8pm 2712pm - 9pm** 2811am - 8pm
2911am - 8pm 301pm 8pm 311pm 8pm        

**The 9:00 rides on Friday and July 4th take place during the fireworks displays.

The Boardwalk Beast Rides will be every 40 minutes or on the hour depending on guest volume.