Boardwalk Beast

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July 2020
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Ticket pricing may vary for these special events. Please check with our Ticket Booth for details.

      1Closed 2Closed 33pm - 8pm 412pm - 8pm
512pm - 8pm 6Closed 7Closed 8Closed 9Closed 103pm - 8pm 1112pm - 8pm
1212pm - 8pm 13Closed 14Closed 15Closed 16Closed 173pm - 8pm 1812pm - 8pm
1912pm - 8pm 20Closed 21Closed 22Closed 23Closed 243pm - 8pm 2512pm - 8pm
2612pm - 8pm 27Closed 28Closed 29Closed 30Closed 313pm - 8pm  

**The 9:00 rides on Friday and July 4th take place during the fireworks displays.

The Boardwalk Beast Rides will be every 40 minutes or on the hour depending on guest volume.