Boardwalk Beast

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March 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
          13pm 6pm 211am 6pm
311am 6pm 4Closed 5Closed 6Closed 7Closed 812pm 6pm 911pm 6pm
1011am 7pm 1111am 7pm 1211am 7pm 1311am 7pm 1411am 7pm 1511am 7pm 1611am 7pm
1711am 7pm 18Closed 19Closed 20Closed 21Closed 223pm 7pm 2311am 7pm
2411am 7pm 25Closed 26Closed 27Closed 28Closed 293pm 7pm 3011am 7pm
3111am 7pm

The Boardwalk Beast Rides will be every 40 minutes or on the hour depending on guest volume.