Boardwalk Beast

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September 2018
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
            111am 7pm
211am 7pm 311am - 7pm 4Closed 5Closed 6Closed 7Closed 811am 7pm
911am - 7pm 10Closed 11Closed 12Closed 13Closed 14Closed 1511am 7pm
1611am - 7pm 17Closed 18Closed 19Closed 20Closed 21Closed 2211am 7pm
2311am - 7pm 24Closed 25Closed 26Closed 27Closed 28Closed 2911am - 6:20pm
3011am 6:20pm            

The Boardwalk Beast Rides will be every 40 minutes or on the hour depending on guest volume.